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Air Quality Testing & Services

Homeowners are often concerned about pollution and air quality, especially given the fact that air quality can have a direct impact on health. However, most people think only about the quality of air outdoors, when in reality, indoor air quality is often far worse than what is found outside. There are a number of reasons why our Bakersfield indoor air quality is not only poor, but on the decline in many areas. For one thing, with many people looking for homes that are as energy efficient as possible, doors, windows and other construction materials have been developed to help seal homes and ensure loss of conditioned air is at a minimum. While keeping homes tightly sealed against the outside environment can definitely help with energy efficiency, it can also reduce air flow and lead to a buildup of toxic and harmful substances in the air you breathe.


Of course, in addition to more efficient homes, indoor contaminants can arise from everyday items, such as pet dander and dust mites as well as chemicals used for cleaning, making household furnishings, even cooking, tobacco and hobbies can leave pollutants wreaking havoc with IAQ. Unfortunately, as our Bakersfield indoor air quality diminishes, many individuals experience a wide range of health problems. Whether it is more frequent colds, flu and other ailments or you find breathing problems such as asthma or allergies being exacerbated, making sure you have the best indoor air quality can be an important factor in the health and well-being of your entire family.

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